Worries and sorrows!

Hello! Today I woke up to these masterpieces of advise; a post from New Lune – a blog full of Tips, Inspiration and Freebies.

Everyone has worries and sorrows, we all deal with our issues differently. However, it’s important that you find ways to distract your mind from your problems for a few minutes. Obviously, it’s easier said than done but dwelling on your problems won’t change anything – it will only drain your energy and peace.

“In today’s post, I wanted to share with you some ways to forget your worries for a few minutes. These might be things you are already doing but these might help you distract your mind either for a few minutes or even an hour or two. As always, if you are interested – keep on reading!”

Tips: Listen to music, watch TV, play a game, talk to loved ones, dance, nature walk, read the Bible, etc etc.

Another piece of inspiration from Joel Osteen that read;

Release control. Quit worrying, quit trying to make it happen your way and say, “God, I trust You. I know You’re in control of these winds. They can push me forward, backward, left, right, but one thing I’m certain of: where You take me is exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

Be Inspired. Enjoy Life.

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